press release

FamilyVoice Australia       MEDIA RELEASE     4 December 2018

Parliament must strengthen, not weaken, protections for the unborn

FamilyVoice Australia urges both the parliament and the people to reject the abortion reform bill as “a excruciating and heartless attack on unborn children”.

FamilyVoice National Director Charles Newington said the unborn are society’s most vulnerable members and must be safeguarded.

“Unborn babies should not be treated as any less human just because they have not yet passed through the birth canal,” he said.

“They feel the excruciating pain of abortion and mothers frequently report physical harm and mental anguish following the procedure.

“In any abortion not just the child dies in its mother's womb.

Especially in late term abortions something else dies in the mother's heart” he said.

“Parliament must also recognise the medical advancements that have reduced the age of surviving premature birth to about 23 weeks which is a clear indication of the child's full humanity. It's past time for moral leadership on this issue. Reject the Bill. Protect mother and child. Find a better way."

For more information, contact David d'Lima on 0414 969 145.