Many issues are demanding the attention of voters in the upcoming election, but the protection of defenceless human life is paramount.

The long-term impact on our nation of state sponsored abortion is very dark.

FamilyVoice Australia has been working hard to identify pro-life Senate candidates who greatly need our prayers.

We are appalled that the ALP has adopted a party policy nationally to require public hospitals to conduct abortions. The plan is for abortion to be available into the last three months of pregnancy at all public hospitals. There is no intention to support or counsel women under duress who may be considering abortion primarily as a form of birth control or sex selection.

We recognise challenges arise from an unplanned pregnancy, but the unborn child must always be treasured and protected. This is a great challenge to people of Christian conscience in our nation and a high priority prayer issue.

We are encouraging prayer for candidates we understand to be pro-life so they would vote against widening the availability of abortion, or against euthanasia in the territories, if elected. We encourage you to pray for these pro-life candidates, and any others yet to be identified.

Completing the Senate ballot paper to maximise your vote

Regardless of which party wins government in the House of Representatives, it is imperative to vote wisely in the Senate.

On your large white Senate ballot paper, it is valid to vote 1-6 (or more) above the line, or to vote 1-12 (or more) below the line.

However, when voters take the quick and easy option of numbering 1-6 above the line, their vote is allocated to candidates who are listed by the parties in the order shown below the line on the ballot paper. But you may not like that order.

We recommend you make your own allocation of preferences by numbering 1-12 or more below the line, thereby preferencing candidates of your choice, regardless of the ordering specified by political parties.

No matter which party wins government (in the House of Representatives) the Senate’s composition will be crucial to shaping the future - so please vote wisely.

You can view a more detailed explanation of the Senate Voting procedure on our website.

In closing, if you find this email helpful, please forward it to friends you think would appreciate receiving it. Your active participation as a good citizen is greatly needed.