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FamilyVoice has been working with the federal government and in particular the Attorney-General Senator Hon. Michaelia Cash on the Religious Discrimination Bill which is currently taking submissions before parliamentary debate resumes in February.

The government has created an online survey to allow members of the public to express their views on the religious discrimination legislative package by 21 December.

Please take a few moments now to complete these 10 questions.

FamilyVoice has been a strong advocate of the need for religious protections, so we are now urging you submit your responses to this survey. As usual, the pro-LGBTIQA+ lobby are opposing with misinformation and fake examples of why the bill should be opposed.

FamilyVoice has prepared a guide for you if needed but the questions are simple to answer as you just need to provide a YES or NO answer with a simple comment.

Please consider submitting your responses to this survey and you’re your support for the Religious Discrimination Bill by completing the survey on or before 21 December.