There was a shocking new revelation from the WA Health Minister just yesterday!

Seven WA babies were left to die from 2015 to 2016. 

This brings the total to 27 babies left to die from July 1999 to December 2016.

All were survivors of failed abortions, yet doctors failed to provide medical care.

In our media release today, FamilyVoice WA called for a parliamentary inquiry into this matter.

JOIN THE PETITION TO STOP THIS – but don’t delay as it finishes July 31!

We want to remind you to respond to the new petition calling for a parliamentary inquiry into systematic failures that allowed these babies to die.

As WA parliament only accepts hand written petitions, here is how all WA residents can bring light on our State’s treatment of unborn life:

Please read the petition, print it out, and gather physical written signatures.

Collate and post all petition sheets before July 31 to Coalition for the Defence of Human Life, PO Box 2257, Yokine South, WA 6060.