A reform to treat families with a stay-at-home parent as a single taxable unit is badly overdue, according to FamilyVoice Australia.

FamilyVoice spokesman David d’Lima wants the major political parties to treat couples with children as a single taxable unit, when one parent (usually the mother) stays at home to raise their children during the formative years.

“Its grossly unfair that families with a stay-at-home mother and a salaried father have a single tax break of $18,200 while two working parents get double that tax-free threshold,” David d’Lima said.

“As families increasingly are doing it tough, we call for a bipartisan pledge ahead of the election to make the tax system fairer, by assessing the income of couples with children as a single unit with a tax-free threshold of $36,400.

“The family is the basic unit of society and this must be recognised by a badly overdue reform of the taxation system,” he said.

“Anything we can do that will prosper families and parenting will have massive long-term benefits to the nation.”