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The Left has always been underhanded with its use of language.

For a long time, Left-wing social reconstructionists have understood the power of words in attractively packaging political ideologies detrimental to the wellbeing of society and the freedoms that we enjoy.  One obvious example is the frequent use of the deceptive phrase “marriage equality” rather than “homosexual marriage.”

As the gender confusion movement is founded on the basis of the lie that there are more than two genders, it feels the need to police those who bring biological reality back into the public conversation.

This is where two trendy terms “misgendering” and “deadnaming” – which, of late, are being used as weapons in the cultural Marxists’ efforts to hijack language -  come into the game.

Earlier this week, in an effort to further crackdown on free speech, Twitter banned “misgendering” and “deadnaming.”

“Misgendering” is when someone refers to another using a pronoun associated with that person’s real gender and not their fake gender. 

According to

Intentionally misgendering someone is an attack. Our genders and identities are constantly up for debate and misgendering a trans* person is a reminder of that. Misgendering us is a reminder that our identities are considered fragile, something to be bent and broken to the will of the cis people who wish to abuse us. When someone cannot get to us, they go in through our hearts and our minds. They dig deep. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can leave just as permanent scars. This includes something such as perpetual misgendering and denial of one’s self.

Not surprisingly, the gender confusion movement paints itself out to be the victim when, in reality, it is the perpetrator punishing dissenters who refuse to be coerced into using approved “transgender” speak.

How about “deadnaming”?  That’s when a person who is confused about their gender is called by the name they were given at birth instead of the name that is associated with their new fake gender. 

The Huffington Post, an unashamed gender-confusion-peddling tabloid, claims that “deadnaming a trans person is violence.”

Hearing or seeing one’s old name can induce a visceral sense of terror that no matter how much progress one makes in their transition, the person they used to be (or pretended to be) is still there.

If it were just cultural policing of these “offences” that would be bad enough.  But more concerning is that the gender confusion movement is seeking to co-opt the state into policing truth and undermining our right to free speech through the invention and manipulation of language.

As George Orwell wrote in the classic manifesto 1984, “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

In the face of such a hostile and ruthless movement we must remain strong and continue to speak truth to power.