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A survey in the UK has found that close to half the population oppose easing restrictions to enable gender to be changed on official documents.

YouGov conducted an online poll of 1,688 adults in June and found 47% opposed moves to make it easier to change gender on documents, while only 28% supported the move.

According to UK government estimates, between 200,000 and 500,000 people in the UK claim to have a gender different to their biological sex.

At present, 5,500 of these people have legally changed their birth certificate from the biological reality.

The YouGov poll also found that most oppose giving individuals who claim a gender different from their biological sex access to opposite sex bathrooms unless they have had “sex-change” surgery.

The survey highlights that the transgender movement, which has been heavily marketed by the mainstream media in recent years, has made great inroads into convincing people that gender is a social construct.

The poll found that 40% agreed with the statement that “a transgender woman is a woman”, while 36 percent disagreed.

But there are reasons for hope with signs the tide is turning back to a common sense view of gender.

World Rugby is looking at banning men who think they are women from playing women’s rugby.

A World Rugby report detailed that there is “at least a 20-30% greater risk” of injury when a female player is tackled by a man who thinks he’s a woman.

The document reported the obvious: men who think they’re women have significant physical strength advantages over women.

There is also a growing detransition movement, with those suffering gender dysphoria seeking to return to living as their biological sex.