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Summary  Identity politics is a movement reshaping society’s standards of education, politics, freedom, morals and family based on the idea that human identity and worth are primarily instinctual and evolutionary rather than innate or endowed. This has compromised our capacity for free civil discussion, for understanding human fulfilment, the role of government in education as well as the design of sex and biological gender.   The current construction of sex and gender has resulted in a sanctioned exposure of children to sexualised material and experiences, which they lack the maturity to process objectively.  Recommendations are necessary to ensure school programs have greater transparency and parental collaboration, focusing on education (not indoctrination), ensuring true freedom of speech and academia, promoting a holistic view of identity and sexuality and relating how this impacts on relationships, character development and wider society.  Christians affirm that identity and full humanity derive from Christ through whom we may receive a deeper and more secure identity than that imposed by radical political and social agendas. Christians consider it a matter of faith and duty to promote the Christian identity ethic and its benefits to society at large. Identity