VoxBrief - February 2009 - Religious freedom under attack
RELIGIOUS FREEDOM UNDER ATTACK. By Richard Egan BA, GradDipLibSc.       It seems to happen every ten years. Governments, or government-appointed bodies, think it is time to launch another attack on freedom of religion in Australia. They never call it an "attack", of course - it is usually dressed up, like a wolf in sheep's clothing, as an "extension" of our religious freedom. Christians need to be aware of these past attacks so they can remain vigilant now and in the future. 
VoxBrief - November 2008 - Home Education in Australia
HOME EDUCATION IN AUSTRALIA. By Terry Harding BA, DipEd, DipCDP, MEd, MACE. Manager, Schools Department, Christian Education Ministries; home educator for 15 years with wife Diane; former principal of the Australian Christian Academy.       In all Australian states and territories and across the Western world, especially the US, Europe, NZ and South Africa, increasing numbers of parents are choosing to educate their own children at home. The home education movement has flourished over the past 30 years as families have been increasingly able to access distance education, home schooling networks, high quality curriculum materials and a wide variety of information via the internet.
VoxBrief - August 2008 - Human rights charters: Do they protect our rights?
HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTERS: Do they protect our rights? By Dr David Phillips.        The Rudd Labor government of Australia elected in 2007, like the earlier Whitlam and Hawke Labor governments, soon began pushing for a national bill of charter of rights. Nearly $3 million over two years was set aside in the May 2008 federal budget to pay for a nationwide consultation on human rights and the best way to protect them. This move followed a decision by the Australian Labor Party at its 2007 national conference to "initiate a public inquiry about how best to recognise and protect the human rights and freedoms enjoyed by all Australians".
VoxBrief - August 2007 - Why every child needs a mum and a dad
WHY EVERY CHILD NEEDS A MUM AND A DAD. Edited by Roslyn Phillips B Sc, Dip Ed.        During a public hearing arranged by the federal Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC - now called the Human Rights Commission) for its 2006 inquiry into same-sex couple entitlements, a woman was giving evidence. All was calm until she said: "I believe that every child has the right to grow up with both a mother and a father role model."