Research Papers

Research Paper - May 2008 - The Adoption Option
THE ADOPTION OPTION. By Mrs Roslyn Phillips.        Anglican bishop Tom Frame is among the many thousands of Australians who were adopted soon after birth. He wrote a book about his experience of growing up with an adoptive mum who loved him dearly, and an adoptive alcoholic and abusive dad. his father's sadistic behaviour was part of the reason Tom left home at 16 to join the Navy. Tom dedicated his book to his mother Doreen.
Resource Paper - November 1981 - Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy
SEX EDUCATION AND TEENAGE PREGNANCY. By Dr James H. Ford and Mr Micahel Schwartz.        “What disturbs me,” wrote Fr John Fleming in “The Advertiser” (10/8/81) about an Australian Family Planning Association campaign for more government funding, “is that it seems mainly directed at the unmarried, particularly teenagers.” This is not family planning, he points out. The promotion of contraceptives among teenagers is instead an invitation to promiscuity.