The ‘Misinformation’ Bill
The ‘Misinformation’ Bill     With Professor James Allan & Andrew McColl       What does a “Misinformation Bill” mean? Will it give a government body unprecedented powers? Is it a “Trojan Horse” for other agendas? These are the type of questions I’m confident Professor of Law James Allan can answer. Professor Allan has a chair at the University of Qld, and has published widely in the areas of legal philosophy and constitutional law, in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.       Filmed: Thursday 2 November, 2023
'The Voice' and 'Misinformation'
'The Voice' and 'Misinformation' Webinar Webinar     with Augusto Zimmermann & Andrew McColl       Will ‘The Voice,’ referendum really help anyone? Could legislation on ‘Misinformation,’ be a means of community oppression? Join us, with Professor Augusto Zimmermann, to find out.       Filmed: Tuesday 10 October, 2023
Will 'The Voice' Help Anyone
Will 'The Voice' Help Anyone? - Filmed Tuesday September 12, 2023. With Dr Gary Johns, Andrew McColl & Graeme Mitchell.                                                    Dr Gary Johns was formally a Federal Labor Party MP, from 1987-1996, serving as a Minister under Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. He has a Ph.D in Political Science, he’s been writing on Aboriginal Affairs for over 20 years, is one of the founders of the group “Recognise a Better Way,” and has been prepared to take a controversial position on ‘The Voice,’ which we’ll be voting on soon.
Standing Against the Transgender Ideology
Standing Against the Transgender Ideology - Filmed Tuesday August 15, 2023. With Kirralie Smith & Andrew McColl.                                                    When Kirralie Smith, FamilyVoice’s 2023 “Mother of the Year", felt that the ground was moving under her, what did she do? She took action! In the face of lying transgender propaganda, she’s simply stated that: "It’s not loving to lie…you don’t help someone by affirming a lie…[and] it is not violence or bullying to state the truth that men are not women!" Her fight’s not over yet, but she’s begun it, and she’s to be admired!
Education and State Control
Education and State Control. Webinar with Kevin Donnelly & Andrew McColl. Filmed: 13 July, 2023    Can the education of Australian children continue to be managed by state departments, or should parents and others pick up this vital responsibility? Join Andrew McColl as he asks these questions, and others to Kevin Donnelly in our next free webinar interview. Kevin is a vocal defender of Western civilisation and Judeo-Christianity against the destructive and nihilistic impact of neo-Marxist inspired woke ideology
Shining A Light
Shining A Light. Webinar with Dave Pellowe & Andrew McColl. Filmed: Thursday 15 June, 2023    How should Christian interact with their culture? Dave Pellowe is the convenor of the annual Australian Church and State Summit, and host of The Church And State Show on The Good Sauce and ADH TV. Having gained experience in major and minor party political campaigns, Dave formed the Church and State ministry in 2016, with the goal of arming Christians to influence culture.
Challenges Facing Christian Education
Challenges Facing Christian Education. Webinar with Dr Terry Harding & Andrew McColl. Filmed: Thursday 20 April, 2023    Christian parents and other educators are facing significant and on-going challenges today. How should they deal with these? As an experienced Home Schooler, communicator, researcher with a Ph.D, and an informer of government policy, Dr Terry Harding will shed some light on these matters in this zoom session.
Can ‘The Voice’ Improve Anything?
Can ‘The Voice’ Improve Anything? Webinar with Anthony Dillon & Andrew McColl. Filmed: Thursday 16 March, 2023    Anthony Dillon is a psychologist, and a researcher at the Australian Catholic University in Sydney. He’s a regular commentator on Aboriginal affairs, and has been telling audiences for two decades that political correctness (focusing on differences and identity politics) is killing Aboriginal people as fast as drugs and alcohol.
What Does “The Voice” Mean?
What Does “The Voice” Mean? Webinar with Professor James Allan & Andrew McColl Filmed: 23 February, 2023    Is it a “Trojan Horse” for other agendas? What could it lead to in this nation? Hear from Professor James Allan, Garrick professor of law at the University of Queensland. Professor Allan has published widely in the areas of legal philosophy and constitutional law, in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. Professor Allan also writes widely for newspapers and weeklies, including The Australian, The Spectator Australia and Quadrant.
Transgender: the Truth and the Lies
Transgender: the Truth and the Lies Webinar with Professor Patrick Parkinson & Andrew McColl Filmed: 7 February, 2023    Transgender ideology continues to swirl around the community with individuals and families coming to terms with its implications for society. Governments seem predisposed to surrender to its proponent's claims, despite its anti-life and anti-science assertions. Join us as Professor Patrick Parkinson scrutinies transgender ideology claims. Professor Parkinson has been a member of the NSW Child Protection Council and served from 2004-2007 as Chairperson of the Family Law Council.
Lyle Shelton: Challenging the Status Quo
Challenging the Status Quo Webinar with Lyle Shelton & Andrew McColl Filmed: 14 December, 2022     Lyle Shelton served as a local Counsellor in Toowoomba for 6 years, before accepting roles in Canberra from 2007-2018 with Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), firstly as Chief of Staff, then as Managing Director. Lyle’s now the National Director of Family First Party. In this webinar, Lyle speaks of his experiences in the public sphere, and offers hope in the conflicts lying ahead for believers in Australia.
Supporting the Pregnant and Vulnerable
Supporting the Pregnant and Vulnerable Webinar with Juliet Ballinger & Andrew McColl Filmed: 1 December, 2022     Juliet Ballinger is the Executive Director of Eva’s Place, located in Toowoomba, Kingaroy, Dalby and Roma, Qld. Eva’s Place provides empathy, counselling and support for girls and women facing an unexpected pregnancy, along with the practical provisions necessary for a Mum and her new-born child: Christianity in action! Find out what led to this, how Juliet and her staff manage to accomplish this, and what you could do, where you are!