The 2020 Queensland Election is right around the corner and one of the two major parties will form government.

Whichever one ends up holding power will ultimately decide how important matters of family, faith and freedom are approached.

That's why FamilyVoice has released the "Know the Key Issues" guide to help you make an informed vote on Saturday, October 31.

This document is based on party statements, platform documents, policies and bills up to September 2020.

“Our key message for the upcoming October 31 election is be informed, know the key issues and vote wisely. The key moral issues are so vital in this election. Your vote can make a difference,” said FamilyVoice National Director Peter Downie.

"We strongly encourage you to share our guide far and wide with everyone you know who may be concerned about family, faith and freedom in this election," Mr Downie said.

"We encourage you to prayerfully consider who you support and vote for in this election and to email your local candidates asking them about their personal stances on key issues.

“We are keen to hear what responses you receive, so please feel free to email them to policy@familyvoice.org.au," he said

>> Download “Know the Key Issues”<<


Watch our QLD Election Webinar here:

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