Ashley Saunders begins his new ministry as FamilyVoice National Director on Monday 5 December

David and Ros Phillips, who have led FamilyVoice Australia and its predecessor Festival of Light as director and research officer for over 40 years, formally step down today (4 December).  Ashley Saunders will take over as national director tomorrow. 

Ashley comes to his new role as a former lawyer, alderman and senior church pastor in NSW and Queensland.  He and his wife Lindsay have four children.

“I have big shoes to fill,” Ashley says.  “But I am looking forward to working alongside people who are passionately dedicated to preserving the best of what this country has to offer. 

“There is a sense in which every generation stands at a crossroad, needing to choose the direction that it would take.  FamilyVoice Australia has a significant role in advocating wise choices that will not only well serve this generation, but also future generations. 

“Whether through its parliamentary submissions or publications, FamilyVoice has a message of hope as well as caution for the nation as a whole.”