Can Australians make the right decision about marriage when many facts are not on the table?

Yesterday (1/12/16) FamilyVoice Australia released a second “Marriage Reality” video in which former homosexual activist James Parker asks why Australia is being kept in the dark about important issues.

“Where is the wisdom in rushing to redefine marriage if Australians are not allowed to consider crucial information about homosexuality?” asks FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips.

“Public lobbying has greatly reduced the social rejection of LGBT individuals, but many measures of their wellbeing remain unchanged,” she said.

“Major LGBT groups blame higher rates of depression and suicide on discrimination, but a 2016 study found that in Sweden – one of the world’s most gay-friendly societies – married same-sex couples have nearly three times the suicide rate of their heterosexual counterparts.

“A 2014 Queensland study of gay suicides found that relationship problems, not family rejection or ‘homophobia’, were the biggest contributing factor.

“A 2006 Dutch study found that even in the gay-friendly Netherlands, rates of mental ill-health in the gay community were high. 

“Australians should take time to study all the evidence.  They should look at what is happening in the small number of countries worldwide that have redefined marriage.  They should ask whether there are better ways to address the mental health problems linked with homosexuality.”