SA abortion how MPs voted 002

The Termination of Pregnancy Bill passed the lower house of SA Parliament on 19 February 2021.

29 MPs voted in favour of the abortion bill and 15 against.

Voted for the abortion bill

Basham, D.K.B., Bedford, F.E., Bettison, Z.L., Bignell, L.W.K., Boyer, B.I., Brown, M.E., Chapman, V.A., Close, S.E., Cook, N.F., Cowdrey, M.J., Gardner, J.A.W., Gee, J.P., Hildyard, K.A., Hughes, E.J., Luethen, P., Malinauskas, P., Marshall, S.S., McBride, N., Odenwalder, L.K., Piccolo, A., Picton, C.J., Pisoni, D.G., Power, C., Sanderson, R., Stinson, J.M., Szakacs, J.K., Treloar, P.A., Wingard, C.L., Wortley, D.

Voted against the abortion bill

Brock, G.G., Cregan, D., Duluk, S., Ellis, F.J., Harvey, R.M., Knoll, S.K., Koutsantonis, A., Michaels, A., Mullighan, S.C., Murray, S., Patterson, S.J.R., Pederick, A.S., Speirs, D.J., Tarzia, V.A., van Holst Pellekaan, D.C.

How MPs voted on David Speirs' amendment to provide greater protection for unborn children from late term abortions:

Ayes 20

Noes 26

Majority 6

In favour of greater protection for the unborn around late term abortion
Bell, T.S. Brock, G.G. Brown, M.E. Cowdrey, M.J. Cregan, D. Duluk, S. Ellis, F.J. Knoll, S.K. Koutsantonis, A. Malinauskas, P. Michaels, A. Mullighan, S.C. Murray, S. Patterson, S.J.R. Pederick, A.S. Piccolo, A. Power, C. Speirs, D.J.Tarzia, V.A. van Holst Pellekaan, D.C.

Against greater protection for the unborn around late term abortion
Basham, D.K.B. Bedford, F.E. Bettison, Z.L. Bignell, L.W.K. Boyer, B.I. Chapman, V.A. Close, S.E. Cook, N.F. Gardner, J.A.W. Gee, J.P. Harvey, R.M. Hildyard, K.A. Hughes, E.J. Luethen, P. Marshall, S.S. McBride, N. Odenwalder, L.K. Picton, C.J. Pisoni, D.G. Sanderson, R. Stinson, J.M. Szakacs, J.K. Teague, J.B. Whetstone, T.J. Wingard, C.L. Wortley, D.