Scott Morrison

On election night, one side started with belief which soon became disbelief. The other side started with unbelief which became incredulous belief.

The Prime Minister then gave us the words that will echo through time: “I have always believed in miracles!”

Antony Green is predicting Bass and Chisholm will join the Coalition bringing the number of seats to 77. There is still the possibility that Macquarie will be won by the Liberal party as well.  The news about the Senate may not be quite so miraculous but there are signs of life as it stirs from its prolonged coma.

So many Christians and social conservatives will be thankful that the social agenda of the Labor Party and Greens has been checked. However the Labor states may not believe that their social agenda was part of the reason why federal Labor is still the Opposition.  We must watch and pray.

The untold story of this election may be how Christians were driven to prayer, protest and to push back against the erosion of Christian values in schools and society generally.  

For us at FamilyVoice, it is both gratifying and humbling to have played a small role alongside our supporters and with so many others in this chapter in the national story. It is a historical moment and efforts of all who have worked and prayed will be remembered.

I am so thankful to all who gave to FamilyVoice during the pre-election period so we could play our part in giving Christian voice for family, faith and freedom. 

Now more than ever it’s time to work and pray for a society in which all children in the womb will be born into loving families, where children in our schools will be safe from dangers social, sexual and ideological, where couples love each other and honour their marriage vows, where the aged and infirm will end their days surrounded by family and friends, where Christians give others reason to believe and where all people treasure the great freedoms that have made our nation the place we love and cherish.  It’s not just about winning elections – it’s about changing the culture.

Now more than ever it’s time to work and pray so that miracles might happen more frequently, where more people say “I have always believed in miracles” and when someone does something miraculous someone else will say ‘He just did a ScoMo’.