The Liberal National Party has scored highly in the election survey conducted by Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia, while the ALP is currently on a score of zero.

FamilyVoice National Director Ashley Saunders said the LNP gained a “creditable” score of 68% on questions about family, faith and freedom but the ALP is on a “miserable” no score.  

“The LNP is clearly more democratically responsive than the ALP, which so far has declined to answer our survey, just like in the 2015 election,” he said.

“They get a miserable score of zero, having failed even to acknowledge our request for answers.

“We’ve had individual replies from some candidates representing One Nation, the Katter party, and the Civil Liberties group, but no reply from the governing party.

“The voters of Queensland deserve to know where the ALP and other parties or independent candidates stand on key moral questions ahead of Saturday’s ballot,” he said.

“The LNP gained a creditable score for its strong support for parliamentary prayer and freedom of faith within public schools - while firmly rejecting a bill of rights, proposals for euthanasia and changes to abortion law.

“But the party scored poorly on prostitution reform, revival of the upper house, adoption by same-sex couples and the repeal of anti-discrimination laws,” Mr Saunders said.