The Daniel Andrews Labor government has again rejected saving lives and opened the door to state-sanctioned killing, according to Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia.

“Not satisfied with introducing the worst abortion laws in the Western world, resulting in the death of more than 100,000 babies since 2008, Daniel Andrews is a former health minister who has little interest in promoting health,” said FamilyVoice Victoria State Director Peter Stevens.

"Premier Andrews and his ministers bullied upper house MPs, as they debated amendments to the Voluntary Assisted Dying bill, by forcing them to sit well beyond their physical limits, resulting in one MP being rushed to hospital.

“After an inhumane four days and two nights of almost non-stop debate, the bill passed the upper house by just four votes (22:18) after an amendment to narrow eligibility to patients that doctors guess have six months to live,” Mr Stevens added.

FamilyVoice is alarmed that motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis are eligible for assisted killing when doctors tell them they have 12 months to live.

“This opens the door to highly unreliable predictions on when a neurological condition will end in death,” said Mr Stevens.

This is the first time any Australian state has legalised both assisted suicide and euthanasia.

This successful euthanasia bill can be added to Labor’s long list of retrograde accomplishments, including voluntary Christian Religious Education being pushed out of schools and mandatory ‘Safe’ Schools radical gender confusion across all public schools.

FamilyVoice fears for the future of vulnerable aged and sick people, as the state pressures them to remove themselves from this life.

Mr Stevens commended the 18 MPs in the upper house, and those in the lower house, who worked tirelessly against this bill.

“Your courage and passion is beyond praise,” Mr Stevens said.