choice 42 abortion word euphemisms

Canadian pro-life group Choice42 has released another video in their popular “Just Saying” series. In their latest satirical video, the group takes aim at the abortion industry’s refusal to utter the word “abortion.”

In the video which has garnered just under 6,000 views at the time of writing, pink-wigged Choice42 executive director Laura Klassen says, “When you’re talking about [abortion], whatever you do, don’t straight up say what it is.”

Utilising costumes commonly seen at "pro-choice" rallies, Klassen advises, “Stick to more uplifting terms, such as ‘self-care,’ ‘healthcare,’ ‘repro rights,’ or my favorite, ‘choice.’ Brilliant, really, so simple and yet so void of anything truthful. Love it!”

Klassen concludes the video saying, “Don’t call it what it really is, because that’s just too much. Nobody wants to think about that. Come on!”