Suncorp is the latest corporation to go woke, offering staff six weeks’ paid ‘gender affirmation’ leave and up to 12 months unpaid leave.

The leave will reportedly allow for “legal and medical affirmation”.

“Financially incentivising gender confusion is wrong”, said FamilyVoice Australia spokesman David d’Lima.

“Suncorp should immediately reconsider this dangerous move.

“To call it ‘gender affirmation’ leave is misleading because trangenderism in reality is a rejection of one’s gender.”

Sex change is not possible, as Walt Heyer, a man who previously identified as a woman, told a FamilyVoice webinar in 2021:

People taking hormones like I did, or undergoing surgery, as a court document that I have on record, the surgeon who performed my surgery and one of the authors of the standards of care for transgender care, signed off on in superior court of California, acknowledge in that document to the court that you cannot change a male into a female no matter how much surgery no matter how much hormones.