unborn baby

Lawmakers in Tennessee are looking to implement legislation which provides broader protection for the unborn than pro-life legislation passed in other states.

Earlier this year a Tennessee bill to protect unborn children once a heartbeat is detected failed to pass.

But now lawmakers are considering providing more comprehensive protection for the unborn.

If the new legislation passes, babies will be protected from the moment their mothers discover they are pregnant.

The move comes as a number of US states have passed legislation to recognise the rights of the unborn.

So far in 2019, six US states have passed “heartbeat” bills, which protect the right to life of the unborn once a heartbeat can be detected.  Those states are Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Ohio.

Missouri passed legislation which protects the unborn from eight weeks and Alabama has implemented an almost complete ban on abortion.

American pro-life advocate Lila Rose said that she is so proud of Tennessee “moving to protect the basic right to live of every child”.