German supermarket giant Aldi has been slammed for pushing political correctness.

In a super PC move, Aldi has painted over the dress on a car parking figure in case it risked offending “gender neutral” persons.

Ema Taylor, who noticed the change at a UK Aldi store, said:

“It's ridiculous. It's gone from being a stick woman to now being a superhero, it's a bit laughable.

“Mums do actually have to give birth to these children so I think I've earned my right to have a picture of me painted in the mother and baby parking space.

“With everything going on in the world who has time to care about a sign on the floor? There's so much more important stuff going on in the world than to be concerned with this kind of thing,”, said Taylor.

Aldi responded to the incident by stating that: “All parent and child car parking spaces at Aldi stores are gender-neutral. This sign was painted incorrectly and will be changed.”