VoxBrief - February 2015 - No-Fault Divorce: Counting The Cost
NO-FAULT DIVORCE: COUNTING THE COST. By Christopher Brohier LLB (Hons), CGLP.         The concept of no-fault divorce that became law in Australia in 1975 was part of a revolution in divorce law reform that swept through the Western world in the late 1960s and 1970s.     It was based on the idea that the law should aim to strengthen marriage, but if the marriage was finished in fact, the law should "enable the empty legal shell to be destroyed with the maximum fairness, and minimum bitterness, distress and humiliation".
VoxBrief - November 2014 - The Myths Of Medical Marijuana
THE MYTHS OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA. By Dr John Whitehall. This paper is edited by permission from "The Comforting Myths of Medical Marijuana" (Wuadrant, October 2014, https://quadrant.org.au).           NSW Premier Mike Baird, supported by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, has announced plans to begin clinical trials of medical marijuana. The move follows a vigorous media campaign, backed by Greens, Coalition and Labor MPs. Professor Whitehall raises key questions Australian governments need to consider before the trials begin.
VoxBrief - August 2014 - Christian Faith In The Public Square
CHRISTIAN FAITH IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE. Humphrey Dobson, The Christian institute and Wayne Grudem, Phoenix Seminary.         In a 2003 media interview, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was asked about his faith. Mr Blair's strategy director Alastair Campbell, an atheist, immediately intervened. "We don't do God. I'm sorry/ We don't do God," he said. Why are Christian values sometimes viewed as incompatible with public service - and unwelcome in the public square?
VoxBrief - May 2014 - Reparative therapy: harm or help?
REPARATIVE THERAPY: HARM OR HELP? By Roslyn Phillips (BSc DipEd), Nathan Keen (BEng, CertMin), Jasmine Yow (BJourn).         In recent times, homosexual activists in NSW and elsewhere have sought to ban any treatment or counselling by psychiatrists or others to help people who wish to change their sexual orientation.     There is evidence on the public record that properly conducted reparative therapy has helped many men and teens. They sought therapy because they wanted to marry a woman and have children naturally or becuase they did not want the significant physical and emotional health risks associated with the homosexual lifestyle. People have even sought theraphy in the Netherlands, wher ehomosexuality carries no stigma.
VoxBrief - February 2014 - The Sixties 'Liberation': What Happened?
THE SIXTIES 'LIBERATION': WHAT HAPPENED? Based on False Promises: Sixties Philosophy Against the Church, Windrush Press, 2012. By Dr Lucy Sullivan, BA (Hons) BPsych (Hons) PhD. Edited by Jasmine Yow and Ros Phillips.         Forty years after he brought the rock musical Hair to Australia in the the late sixties, entrepreneur Harry M Miller was interviewed about the show - highly controversial at the time for its nude scene, profanity, illegal drug use and treatment of sexuality.     Mr Miller told Channel 7's Today Tonight in 2009 that fears expressed by "scaremongers" had been unfolded. "People thought there would be incest in the home and seduction in the streets," he said. "None of it ever happened."
VoxBrief - November 2013 - Does The Bible Really Say Homosexuality is Ok?
DOES THE BIBLE REALLY SAY HOMOSEXUALITY IS OK? By Dr Barry Chant, DipEd, BA (Hons), BD, DMin, PhD.         On 8 March 2012, an earnest 22-year-old American named Matthew Vines delivered an address entitled The Bible and Homosexuality.     He claimed his research into the biblical texts on homosexuality had led him to conclude that the Bible does not condemn loving homosexual relationships.
VoxBrief - August 2013 - The New Drugs War
THE NEW DRUGS WAR. By Roslyn Phillips, BSc, DipEd. National Research Officer, FamilyVoice Australia.         Henry Kwan, 17, was a model student and dux of his class when he took a drug that led to a psychotic breakdown and caused him to jump to his death off a balcony at his family's suburban Sydney home on 5 June 2013.    The synthetic drug he took was perfectly legal. Drugs just like it - chemical variations of LSD, cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines, marketed with names such as Kronic, Bliss, TranQuality and Northern Lights - have been readily available from the internet, sex shops, tobacconists and even sports stores.
VoxBrief - May 2013 - Pornography And Marriage: Healing The Hurt
PORNOGRAPHY AND MARRIAGE: HEALING THE HURT. By Andrew and Kathryn.         Ten years into her marriage with Andrew, Kathryn found out about her husband's pornography addiction. It was devastating - for both of them.     Andrew and Kathryn shared with VoxPoint their sturggle and hourney out of porn.
VoxBrief - February 2013 - Eight Modern Myths About Marriage
EIGHT MODERN MYTHS ABOUT MARRIAGE. By Kevin Andrews. Edited extract from Maybe 'I do': Modern Marriage & The Pursuit of Happiness. ConnorCourt Publishing, 2012.         A few years ago, a high profile female television news anchor wrote a stinging attack on mentors from her mother's eneration. Approaching 40, "childless and angry", Virginia Haussegger criticised those who suggested her generation could ahve it all. 
VoxBrief - November 2012 - Prostitution: Which Laws Protect Women?
PROSTITUTION: WHICH LAWS PROTECT WOMEN? By Roslyn Phillips, B Sc, DipEd, National Research Officer, FamilyVoice Australia.         "Funerals are what I hate most," says Linda Watson.     Linda, a former prostitute and madam, now runs Linda's House of Hope - a rescue ministry for those trapped in the sex trade as she once was. Linda has saved hundreds of women since her House of Hope opened in Perth in August 1999. But she remains deeply troubled by deaths - by drug overdose, murder or suicide - of women who have called for help too late.
VoxBrief - August 2012 - Homosexuality: The Health Risks
HOMOSEXUALITY: THE HEALTH RISKS. WARNING: This article contains some explicit descriptions. By Roslyn Phillips, B Sc, DipEd, National Research Officer, FamilyVoice Australia.         In 1994, a NSW regional newspaper published a letter to the editor from a doctor who outlined medical problems disproportionately linked with male homosexual activity. They included HIV/AIDS and anal cancer.     Some homosexual activists then lodged a complaint of homosexual vilification with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board. The Board accepted the complaint. It demanded that the doctor and the newspaper editor justify the publication of the letter.
VoxBrief - May 2012 - The Ten Blessings
THE TEN BLESSINGS. By Vishal Mangalwadi. Edited extract from Truth and Transformation.         These days, the Ten Commandments God gave Moses on Mount Sinai are sometimes seen as burdensome and irrelevant. Not so, says Indian Christian scholar Vishal Mangalwadi: they are Ten Blessings. We should not lightly discard them.     In 1977 a group of "low caste", "untouchable" young people asked me for help. A minor flood in their village had washed away their homes and cattle. My friends showed me the pride of their village - a temple in the middle of the river, built 1000 years ago. I said, "Our forefathers had the ability to build this temple in the middle of a river. It has withstood hundreds of floods. Why didn't they use that ability to build houses on the banks of the river that could withstand floods?