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A move by the Labor Party to coerce public hospitals into performing abortions has met strong resistance

Church leaders have come out swinging against a plan by Labor to force abortion on public hospitals by tying the issue to funding.

The Federal Government provides a large amount of money to the states for health.  The ALP has announced that it will hold this money hostage by making the performance of abortion a condition in funding agreements.

Sydney Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies said that the policy obscured the rights of the unborn.   

“We need to care for and support women who fall pregnant and do not wish to keep their child for whatever reason. But we must do that without jeopardising the life of the child,” said Archbishop Davies. 

“A pregnancy is a life given by God. A pregnancy that is unwanted represents not a health problem but a responsibility for the whole society.  Mandating public funds to end the lives of unborn children is merciless, unjustified and simply wrong,” he added.

“We need policies which support the lives of children to be enhanced and nurtured so as to enrich our society.”

The Presbyterian Church of Australia has likewise condemned the move.

 Moderator-General Rev John P Wilson said that when it comes to abortion there’s a massive blind-spot in Western culture.

“With some passion, we save whales from slaughter and birds from extinction, yet we kill babies by the tens of thousands,” said Rev Wilson.

“Tanya Plibersek’s announcement today on behalf of the ALP would bring Australia deeper into shame by offering free abortions and making them more readily available.  The rights of the unborn are diminished in this proposal,” he said.

“The Presbyterian Church of Australia affirms that the right to life extends to the unborn, because all of human life is sacred in the eyes of God and is a gift of God from the moment of conception.”