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First it was the ACT in 2002. Then Victoria in 2008, Tasmania in 2013, Queensland in 2018. More recently it was NSW in 2019.

In these states and territories, fully formed, healthy babies can now be killed in the womb up until birth, if two doctors say it’s OK. Premature babies can be cared for in one hospital ward, while babies of the same gestational age are being killed in another section.

In Victoria, more than 60 healthy babies who could survive outside the womb are being aborted each year, for “psycho-social reasons”. Basically, one or both parents don’t want them and don’t want others to adopt them.

And now the South Australian government is seeking to join the downhill slide. It has introduced a bill to allow abortion until birth if two doctors think it is “medically appropriate”.

FamilyVoice SA Director David d’Lima hosted a special webinar for South Australians last Wednesday, interviewing Upper House MPs Clare Scriven (Labor) and Dennis Hood (Liberal).

These dedicated pro-life MPs are leading the debate against the bill from both sides of parliament. But they face an uphill battle.

Under the present SA law, abortions can only be performed in certain hospitals and the government’s abortion clinic in Woodville Park. But the new Termination of Pregnancy Bill would allow doctors to abort babies anywhere – such as homes or private commercial clinics like Marie Stopes. There would be little or no regulation.

“Most people in this country don’t support abortion right up to birth,” Clare Scriven said. “This bill is radical and extreme. But the media are not reporting it, so people don’t believe it.”

She and Dennis Hood urged South Australians to visit, phone and write to their local MPs about the bill’s ‘no limits’ on late abortions.

“Most MPs have little or no idea about what goes on in a late abortion,” Ms Scriven said. “It is horrible, but you should be very gentle. Female MPs may have had an abortion themselves, or the partners of male MPs may have had one. If you are too harsh or explicit, the barriers may go up.”

What else can we do?

There is something else that every one of us can do to help protect unborn life, whether or not we live in South Australia.

We can join the 365Life campaign led by FamilyVoice Victoria Director Peter Stevens.

365Life aims to change Australians’ attitude to abortion, one day at a time, every day for a year.

As Clare Scriven said, we will not change people’s views by being strident or harsh. But by leaving a small business-size card with a simple, gentle pro-life message in a spot where passers-by will see it, we can make a difference.

Here are some examples:

For your free set of 365 cards, simply contact Peter Stevens or FamilyVoice office with your name, address, phone number and email address.

Peter Stevens: 0413 467 831; 

FamilyVoice office: 1300 365 965;

Peter Downie - National Director

FamilyVoice Australia