FamilyVoice recently hosted a well-attended anti-prostitution forum.

SA Director David d’Lima is encouraging supporters to contact their local MP and urge rejection of the prostitution bill, which reads like a wish list for pimps and brothel owners.

David has broadcast about the issue locally on radio Life FM and nationally on Vision Radio addressing concerns about the proposed legislation. Additionally, South Australia’s Sunday Mail newspaper published his concerns as follows:

Endorsement of the sex trade in the Editorial (Sunday Mail 7/7/19) is doubtless motivated by concern for the safety and security of sex workers. But, according to the front page report (“Bikie sex trade bid”), the possibility of decriminalising prostitution is already arousing the interest of outlaws. Offenders linked to prostitution will not suddenly become law-abiding citizens if the state commends sex work.

The proposed change would simply create legal and illegal prostitution, utterly undermining the ability of police to minimise every illegality associated with the trade. A better change would require more sensitive policing along with curtailing the purchase of sex.

Then again in The Advertiser of 8 August, 2019:

Commissioner Grant Stevens rightly insists any change to prostitution law must preserve the power of police to deal with illegality associated with brothels (“Fight for brothel search powers”, The Advertiser, yesterday).

The constabulary should hold no moral opinion. But it must firmly express a view about policing drug use, under-age sex, trafficking and other illegalities which seem linked inextricably to so-called sex work.

But it would be a grave mistake if MPs improve the draft legislation simply to secure its passage. The proposal must be defeated on principle.

Loving parents (including MPs) would never wish to see their daughters lawfully entering this inherently damaging and degrading sex industry.

FamilyVoice is working with other groups to expose the dangers of this Bill.

Debate on the prostitution bill is scheduled soon in the Lower House, where it will receive strong rejection by local MPs if enough good-hearted people take time to raise their concerns.