unborn baby

Thousands of people turned out to protest against an extreme abortion bill in Sydney on Tuesday evening.

Martin Place was chocked full of pro-life supporters, with the crowd estimated to be between 3,000 – 5000 people.

It came after NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian backed down from rushing the legislation through parliament after a severe backlash from Liberal colleagues.  That means the legislation will not pass the upper house before September 17.

The legislation seeks to wind back very limited protections that are currently afforded to the unborn and undermines their humanity.

Unborn babies can suck their thumb, make facial expressions, produce tears, sense touch, distinguish languages and respond to music and sounds.  They are not “clumps of cells” but unique human lives.

Scientific evidence proves that babies feel the excruciating pain of abortion and mothers frequently report physical harm and mental anguish following the procedure.

Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher described the legislation as a “shameful ‘kill bill’”.

He said that “people were ashamed of this bill is evident in the fact that they did not want any public discussion or debate or even for the parliamentarians to have their say.”

“We can convince our leaders to build a civilisation of life and love. We love every human being from the beginning to end and everything in between,” he added.

Rachael Wong , Managing Director of Women’s Forum Australia, said she is so happy to see so many people standing strong for unborn children and their mothers – the two victims of every abortion.

“But I cannot say that I am happy to be here.  I am appalled, angry and heartbroken at what has taken place in our state over the past few weeks.  I am appalled at the utter abuse of process that has surrounded this bill.

“The manner in which it has been rammed through parliament has clearly been aimed to suppress rather than promote democratic debate and discussion around a fundamentally important issue”, she said.

NSW MP Kevin Conolly also spoke.

“We’re not finished yet.  There are thousands here.  It is wonderful to see you.  And you can be heard in the chamber right now,” he said.

He urged pro-lifers to continue their efforts.

“But you have to be heard over the next three weeks as well.

“You have that time to make yourself heard.  You have to do that.”