euthanasia 800

Momentum for the legalised euthanasia of patients by their doctors is increasing in several Australian jurisdictions.

In Victoria the ALP government is finalising details for lawful euthanasia that is scheduled to commence in mid-2019, despite a valiant attempt by the pro-life movement prior to last November’s state election.

In Queensland - with appalling temerity and a total denial of parental responsibility - the ALP government is asking the community whether voluntary euthanasia should be available to people aged under eighteen years of age!

The Health, Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Committee recently released an issues paper as part of its inquiry into aged and palliative care, end-of-life and voluntary assisted dying. FamilyVoice supporters with medical and related expertise are urged to contribute a submission to the inquiry which closes on 15 April.

In South Australia a proposal for legalised euthanasia is expected to be introduced into the upper house of State Parliament, sponsored by the Greens party. In NSW a bill is expected after the forthcoming state election.

In Tasmania the Parliament could enact voluntary euthanasia laws by the end of the year, as Liberal Premier Will Hodgman may be shifting his position.

In Western Australia the ALP government is working towards legalising euthanasia, with parliamentary debate expected in the second half of the year.

Both major parties have granted MPs in the West a conscience vote on the issue. However, it remains to be seen whether political affiliation in the ALP-dominated lower house will influence government MPs to follow the party’s line.

FamilyVoice WA Director Darryl Budge is urging pro-life medical people especially to contact members of that chamber (the Legislative Council) and share details as to why euthanasia must be rejected as occurred in 2010.

“Since the government does not hold sway over the upper house, that may be the only place to defeat the bill,” he said.

“In partnership with the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life, FamilyVoice WA is planning peaceful public gatherings later this year to stand against the killing of vulnerable patients,” he added.

The Coalition will call for world-class palliative care to provide compassionate physical, social and spiritual care.

“It is not acceptable that WA has the least publicly-funded palliative care beds per capita in the country,” Darryl Budge said.

“We reject euthanasia and assisted suicide as a deep failure of our social duty to care for the infirm, disabled and elderly. Legalised medical killing discards those at greatest need of care and compassion.