Trans-sexual activists in New Zealand are targeting a chocolate company for failing to legitimize the flawed concept of gender fluidity in its products.

Enlivened LGBT activists and social justice warriors recently attacked chocolate maker Whittakers for daring to produce blue and pink chocolates. 

According to the New Zealand website Stuff, the product is “a take on baby gender reveal parties, which have become popular in New Zealand and worldwide.”

Auckland University of Technology Psychology senior lecturer Pani Farvid claimed the chocolate was harmful:

We, in academia, are working really hard to dispel the gender binary model as we know there are more than two genders and that ascribing blue and pink to boys and girls is stereotypical.

People can present as feminine or masculine and have the matching genitals or not. People who don't fit into pink or blue boxes are sadly excluded from this campaign.

In reality, gender is binary, as Michelle Cretella, Vice President of the American College of Pediatricians, has stated:

Human sexuality is binary – it’s implicit, it’s in every cell of our bodies. Sex is not assigned to people.  It declares itself.

When it comes to gender, the science is settled.