There was a shocking new revelation from the WA Health Minister just yesterday!

Seven WA babies were left to die from 2015 to 2016. 

This brings the total to 27 babies left to die from July 1999 to December 2016.

All were survivors of failed abortions, yet doctors failed to provide medical care.

In our media release today, FamilyVoice WA called for a parliamentary inquiry into this matter.

JOIN THE PETITION TO STOP THIS – but don’t delay as it finishes July 31!

We want to remind you to respond to the new petition calling for a parliamentary inquiry into systematic failures that allowed these babies to die.

As WA parliament only accepts hand written petitions, here is how all WA residents can bring light on our State’s treatment of unborn life:

Please read the petition, print it out, and gather physical written signatures.

Collate and post all petition sheets before July 31 to Coalition for the Defence of Human Life, PO Box 2257, Yokine South, WA 6060.

“FamilyVoice Australia does not advocate discrimination against persons on the basis of their mental or physical health, despite the implication of news reports today,” said FamilyVoice National Director Ashley Saunders.

“We have absolutely no desire to exclude disabled persons.

“Our policy submission raises concerns about problematic behaviours, not disability status.

“We hold the view that it would be most unhelpful if a religious organisation had no option but to engage someone in a public role who (for example), struggled with uncontrollable urges to loudly vocalise profanity or sexually explicit phraseology that would upset family worship services,” he said.

“I hasten to point out that our staff members have a very long and positive association with people who have quite serious mental health challenges.”

Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia has welcomed a decision by the South Australian government to rewrite the safe schools curriculum, but says greater reforms are needed.

“This is a breakthrough for parents who are deeply concerned by the exposure of young children to highly sexualised material,” said National Director Ashley Saunders.

“We are all against bullying, but the safe schools curriculum was all about normalising and effectively promoting the same-sex agenda.”

FamilyVoice has urged the South Australian State government to cancel the entire program, as occurred recently in NSW and Tasmania.

“The program must start from scratch with genuine anti-bullying strategies that do not simply target bullying related to sexuality,” he said.

“Parents are also sick of government weakness about mainstream media promotions of the same-sex agenda.

“State Attorneys-General must work together to tackle the exposure of children to sit-coms and other TV shows that expose young children to inappropriate content.”

WA parents are rejecting the Safe Schools program as “over-sexualised”, but they want a scheme that tackles all forms of bullying, according to Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia.

"Parents tell us they are very upset by the over-sexualised ideology of Safe Schools," said FamilyVoice WA State Director Darryl Budge.

"WA Education Minister Sue Ellery is out of touch with the wishes of most parents and should not waste $1.4 million of our scarce funds on this unsafe curriculum."

The government recently expanded the Safe Schools program in Western Australia, as part of a national approach, though the governments of New South Wales and Tasmania recently shut down the scheme. 

"The program gives special treatment to certain children but it effectively encourages exclusion and bullying of children who disagree with its ideology. It should be cancelled,” said Mr Budge.

FamilyVoice is calling on the WA government to scrap the program along with its $1 million funding for the deceptive Respectful Relationships program.

"The Respectful Relationship program exposes preschool children to the same-sex agenda, expressed in storybooks, and it separates sexuality from biological gender, against the wishes of parents. Such programs have no place the education of children.

“Labor should remove these divisive programs from our schools.”

FamilyVoice Australia understands that Labor is due to release a Bill that would legalise ‘physician assisted suicide’ permitting Victorian doctors to kill their patients. The Christian advocacy organisation said Australia has previously rejected euthanasia, the deliberate taking of patients’ lives, many times – because no safeguards exists or will ever exist that can make legalised killing, safe.

“The interim report by a Ministerial Advisory Panel wildly and illogically assumes that the legislation will pass by only listening to those in support of euthanasia,” said FamilyVoice National Director Ashley Saunders.

“Medical killing is illegal, and is not supported by the AMA, because it would introduce a dangerous shift in our society, making it okay to kill those deemed unfit to live.

“It would impose a terrible pressure on our sick, elderly and vulnerable (such as those with mental illnesses) to end their lives. Doctors and even psychiatrists admit that it can be hard to diagnose depression — who are we kidding here?

“Quality health care manages the causes of patients’ distress rather seeking death solutions, which would be fatal to our existing doctor-patient trust.”

According to 33 of Australia and New Zealand’s top palliative care practitionersrequests for assisted suicide rarely spring from uncontrolled pain, but rather from despair, a sense of loss of control, or fear of being a burden to others. Evidence shows that a person’s desire for hastened death changes over time and reduces when care is good.  

“Palliative care has come a long way in the last decade,” Mr Saunders added. “We should be offering the world’s best practice compassionate palliative care and pain management - not death solutions. Disability advocates have rightly asked our parliamentarians, how can we have ‘death with dignity’, before we have ‘dignity in life’?

“I call on Victorian MPs to reject attempts to give doctors a licence to kill.

“Killing people is not a medical procedure. It is murder. Let us not get confused about a desire for less suffering, and pretend a method of suicide by lethal injection gives the dying the dignity and care they rightly deserve.”