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Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia has applauded concerns about safety raised by Liberal Senator Claire Chandler and World Rugby (the governing body of Rugby Union).

Senator Chandler is concerned about biological males competing in women’s sport, while World Rugby is considering a ban on transgender players to prevent injuries and unfairness.

According to a report in The Australian (25/7/20), World Rugby experts have evidence of a 20-30 per cent higher risk of injury for women tackled by biological males who identify as female, and new research showing biologically male players lose little of their physical advantage after taking drugs to lower their testosterone in line with 2015 International Olympic Committee rules.

“These findings are consistent with concerns raised by many athletes, participants and administrators about biological males competing in women’s sport,” said Senator Chandler.

The concerns of Senator Chandler and World Rugby are commended by FamilyVoice Australia National Director Peter Downie:

“A key reason society has developed gender-specific sporting competitions is to safeguard players in the rougher games such as rugby,” he said.

“Additionally, it is patently unfair when men and women compete in such events as running, boxing, wrestling or gymnastics.

“Women are more flexible while men are physically stronger,” he said.

“We reject the ideologically-driven ambition for gender fluidity that makes a mockery of biology, fairness and sporting safety.

“It is time to restore common sense to gender in sport.”