South Australian State Director continues to encourage concerned people to urge MPs against any weakening of abortion law.

Joining a state and federal MP, David d’Lima addressed a Zoom meeting hosted by Australian Christian Lobby recently on how best to write to MPs. David’s input encouraged positive connection to MPs as a basis of exerting wise influence.

“The most powerful letter that we can write to parliamentarians is to congratulate them about something they have said or done,” he said.

“The second and subsequently most powerful letter is one offering our help.”

Most of the work done by MPs is not partisan and is not controversial but is related to helping in the community, David d’Lima explained, suggesting we can help that process without necessarily agreeing with the MP.

“But we earn the right to speak by having rolled up our sleeves,” he explained to the activists who participated in the Zoom conference.

On that basis, concerned constituents are in a better position to raise such issues as abortion - seeking to win the heart before winning the argument, he said.

In the Zoom meeting, the MPs shared practical advice as to how best to communicate with their parliamentary colleagues. One cautioned against an overly faith-based approach while another advocated personal meetings relating real-life examples.

“Our prayer is for Zoom participants and others to be better equipped to connect positively to influence civic leaders,” David d’Lima said.