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By Charles Newington
Many Christian people across Australia are very happy that crowds decided to follow Christ at the Franklin Graham events. They are not alone. Jesus said the angels rejoice whenever a person turns to God (Luke 15:10).
But not everyone is happy. A clergy friend of mine commented that some in his contact group were not happy because Franklin Graham is openly in agreement with the Bible’s position on sexual behaviour and heterosexual marriage. This was reason enough for them not to attend.
Franklin has for many years actively engaged in charitable work among the poor through charities like Samaritan’s Purse – providing practical care for people in real need. He is a good example of someone who understands the Christian message is not only the transforming experience of personal faith in Jesus. It is many things including the practical care and help of people in need, and the respectful but direct public commentary on social and political issues. 
Franklin Graham raised questions about right and wrong – not to judge people but to give them an opportunity for reflection about just how far they may have wandered from the straight and narrow road that leads to eternal life.
Franklin made it clear when he invited people to respond – that they were not coming to him, but to Jesus who alone can rescue us from what controls us and alienates us from God and each other. He helped people to see they were responding to Jesus himself and not just accepting a religious idea.
Often people assume that what’s happening is some form of psychological persuasion because people are very vulnerable to feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness and fragility. Christ does address these feelings but goes deeper to the core issue – reconciling us to God. Once we know that Christ has reconciled us to God once for all, the weights and worries fall off. We feel at peace because we are at peace with God - through Jesus.
Thank you Franklin Graham.