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By Darryl Budge, WA Director

There is a Bill being debated in the WA Parliament upper house that will allow male same-sex couples and single men access to surrogacy to become parents. 

This Bill, called the Human Reproductive Technology and Surrogacy Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, has already been passed the Legislative Assembly and is now in the Legislative Council.

The bill was briefly debated and adjourned on February 14 and debate may resume on Tuesday, the 18th.

Now is the time to act! Please write and encourage others to write to your 6 MLC’s (Members of the Legislative Council) to let them know that children deserve a mother.

Our action website is down for maintenance, so I have provided a link to a helpful email list of every upper house member. Click on each name for their office phone number.

If you live in the country, we urge you to contact your National party member in the Legislative Council. Please ask them to vote against Bill because it is against the best interests of children to allow single men to access surrogacy.

Here are some further points you can share about this unsafe Bill:

  • There are no safeguards requiring criminal record and child protection checks at the time of application.
  • Surrogacy heralds the “choice” of the donor mother, but the baby has no choice except to be separated from their birth mother.
  • Surrogacy constitutes a human rights violation of the women and children involved. It commodifies children and exploits women.
  • Government data shows no single female has applied for surrogacy in WA since legalised in 2008.  Instead of allowing surrogacy for single men, surrogacy for single people should be removed.
  • Western Australia has 5000 children in state care and an desperate shortage of foster carers. The government should urgently resolve this desperate situation instead of wasting resources on these social experiments.

How to pray

  • We ask for prayer that the HRT Bill is defeated.
  • But if not, we can pray that the Bill will be at least amended to require all applicants for surrogacy to submit to a criminal record and child protection order check, as is the case in Victoria.

If you would like more information on this issue, see our earlier article: