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Many Australians are annoyed at the lack of fair representation of the Christian Worldview on various programs on the ABC such as Q&A, News, The Drum, 7:30 Report, Insiders, Compass, and Shaun Micallef's MAD AS HELL, which recently had a full-frontal nude male on the show.

Australia needs an Ombudsman for the ABC, as Senator Alex Antic called for in a recent FamilyVoice webinar, so that complaints can be handled properly and fairly.

The ABC has the following ‘approach’ on vital issues:

  1. Family – ABC supports same-sex “marriages”, opposes the definition of a natural family, supports transgenderism, and supports abortion along with euthanasia which are all anti-family. More recently, the ABC has moved towards gender-neutral language where “nonbinary” pronouns are favoured instead of ‘him’ or ‘her’ and where mothers giving birth become ‘birthing parent 1” and ‘breastfeeding’ becomes ‘chest feeding’ - again all anti-family.
  2. Faith – ABC considers Australia to be secular even though the previous census in 2016 still showed Australia had 52% identify as being Christians. The ABC also opposes prayers in parliament. The acronym ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) could as easily stand for the Atheist Broadcasting Corporation or perhaps Anti-Biblical Christianity. Most of the current affairs, and general programs, shows ABC’s alarming anti-Christian bias.
  3. Freedom – ABC opposes a Religious Freedom bill, opposes free speech by silencing people, like Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Bettina Arndt to name a few and supports woke causes, cancel culture, political correctness and anti-Christian organisations like Get-Up.

The ABC as a publicly funded broadcaster has a special duty to report news and topical issues accurately and in a fair-minded, balanced manner. Instead, the ABC has become a vehicle for promoting anti-Christian causes that raise a strong suspicion of a moralistic witch-hunt mentality.

Please send a message to the Communications Minister Paul Fletcher asking for an Ombudsman to fix the ABC. 

Peter Downie - National Director

FamilyVoice Australia

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FamilyVoice Australia is urging householders to tick one of the Christian faith boxes in the census form, to ‘resist militant atheism’ and promote ‘faith integrity’.

“Ticking one of the Christian faith boxes is a vital way to resist militant atheism that is denying freedom to believers in Christ,” said FamilyVoice spokesperson David d’Lima.

“By indicating their faith, people of Christian persuasion lend influence that will challenge such moves as scrapping the Lord’s Prayer in the Victorian Parliament, and resist efforts to remove freedom of faith within independent education,” he said.

FamilyVoice Australia recently successfully campaigned to retain Christian prayer in the Victorian Parliament, leading to the ALP government pushing the matter beyond the next State election.

“We fully intend to make prayer in Parliament a campaign issue at the next election,” David d’Lima said.

FamilyVoice has also challenged federal attempts to remove parental freedom of choice in the education of children.

“The growing number of parents choosing independent education, mainly in Christian contexts, must not be opposed by politically-correct minorities,” David d’Lima said.

“The case for freedom of faith is made clear when people exercise their freedom to tick the appropriate box in the census.”

However, FamilyVoice is also urging people to follow through with church attendance and activity in the civic arena.

“We strongly urge people to tick the relevant box, but also to start meeting with other Christian believers who also hold pro-family and pro-life values,” David d’Lima said.

“This will promote faith integrity, and help provide united resistance to secularism with its denial of freedom of choice.”

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Large parts of the country are going through a difficult time due to the Coronavirus.

That’s why I believe the prime minister should hold a National Day of Prayer. 

There is a precedent for this in Australia and the US.

The year was 1838 and a severe drought threatened the livestock of the early colony of NSW. The colonists could not afford to lose any more animals because they were critical for their farming work and as a source of food. George Gipps was the governor of the colony at that time. Mr Gipps, a Bible believing Christian, called for a day of fasting and prayer to be held on Sunday, 2 November of that year. Two days later, on the 4 November, the drought broke and it rained so much that many people came down with the flu. This 9th Governor of our nation, in his first year of office, applied God’s wisdom in dealing with that drought crisis.

Abraham Lincoln in 1863, called for a special day to seek the Lord as the US was in a perilous state. 

We are in a national crisis with this pandemic, the states of NSW, Victoria and South Australia are in or have been in lockdown. 

The majority of our nation's population identify themselves as being Christian. Surely it is not unreasonable to seek prayer for the pandemic at this time.

In 1838 Governor Gipps rallied the nation around a unified, proactive strategy; I believe it would likewise be a worthy, unifying and positive strategy to call for the people of this nation to pray for Australia.

Please send a message to the Prime Minister urging him to call a National Day of Prayer

For family, faith and freedom,

Peter Downie
National Director - FamilyVoice