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 FamilyVoice Australia likens the West Australian government’s policy of refusing to lease its entertainment venues to groups with alternative views to the government to communistic ideology.

“To prevent Christian organisations like the Australian Christian Lobby to hold faith meetings at government owned venues attacks our basic freedom of information, speech and the press,” said Greg Bondar, FamilyVoice Australia spokesman.

The freedom to express our views is firmly rooted in the structures of modern western democratic thought and highlights our urgent need for a federal Religious Freedom bill.  Even the UN Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the general assembly in 1948 declares "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

The action taken by the Perth Theatre Trust to reject a Christian organisation’s request to book the Albany Entertainment Centre and the Perth Concert Hall for events declaring the ACL had “politically motivated objectives’’ is nothing short of censorship akin to communist China,” added Mr Bondar

A policy that states that government owned venues will not accept individuals or organisations “where the content of the event does not represent the views of the West Australian government or the vast majority of Western Australians” is blatant government censorship that is draconian, discriminatory, and anti-Christian.


Ash Barty’s Wimbledon win on Saturday – the first by an Australian woman at Wimbledon since Evonne Goolagong Cawley’s victory in 1980 – is a huge achievement.

It was also the 50th anniversary of Goolagong Cawley’s first win at Wimbledon in 1971.

But while there has been much media focus on Goolagong Cawley in the media – and rightly so – there has been a deafening silence around Margaret Court – a three-time Wimbledon singles champ.

In fact, one of the rare mentions Court has had in the media has been about her trending on Twitter.

Sky News host Rita Panahi reported that Margaret Court was trending on the social media platform “based on the absolute hate and hysteria of the left” amid Ash Barty's Wimbledon victory.

“Even in this wonderful moment where they should be celebrating Ash Barty they could not let go of the hate,” Panahi said.

“There seemed to be more tweets about Margaret Court and how dare she be there ... and what right has she got to be there.

“Even in this jubilant moment, the hate is what just dominates their thinking.”

It really is appalling the treatment that 24-time singles Grand Slam winner Margaret Court has been subjected to over a long period of time because of her Christian beliefs.

There have been ongoing calls for the arena named in her honour at Melbourne Park to be removed.

Last year, British tennis player Andy Murray said: “When you get to the Australian Open you want to concentrate on the tennis. Court’s views detract from that,” Murray said.

“As far as renaming the venue ... yes, it’s something the sport should consider. I don’t know who makes the final decision on that but I don’t think her values are what tennis stands for.”

Also last year, Margaret Court’s charity had a grant application rejected because she holds faith-based views on marriage and gender.

Margaret Court’s charity had invited Lotterywest to donate funding for a freezer truck that will assist the delivery of food to the needy. Lotterywest denied the grant, informing Margaret’s husband the charity would not receive any funding. According to reports, Lotterywest said they would never give Margaret Court funding, as Lotterywest is the principal sponsor of WA's Pride Festival.

“As you know there's been a bit of publicity out there and just something I'd like to put straight,” Court said at her church service at the time.

“I know when you're going through persecution, and Barry and Brian went into lottery's commission, and you know there was discrimination that came through all that.”

Margaret went on to say that: “I'll always stand for marriage and that's my beliefs and I shouldn't be discriminated because of my beliefs.  And I will always stand with the word of God and it's been brought up in me since I was little so I'm not going to change for anybody.”

No one should be persecuted because of their Christian beliefs.  Sadly, there is a concerted effort to marginalise people with Christian views. That’s why it is so important that the Prime Minister deliver protections for religious freedom.  Please send a quick message to the PM now!

For family, faith and freedom,

Peter Downie

National Director - FamilyVoice Australia

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The announcement today by NSW MP Alex Greenwich declaring that he will introduce a euthanasia and assisted suicide bill into NSW parliament is another step toward making NSW a ‘killing state’.

Euthanasia is not a solution. Euthanasia is not healthcare. Euthanasia is not palliative care. The term Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) is a misnomer and sends the wrong message to everyone. Pro-euthanasia organisations are feeding misinformation to our MPs.

“The concession by Sydney MP Alex Greenwich’s voluntary assisted dying bill to permit religious-run hospitals and aged care homes to refuse to offer it on their premises in a bid to soften the Catholic Church’s staunch opposition to the laws is a fake olive branch,” said Greg Bondar, media spokesman for FamilyVoice Australia.

FamilyVoice is encouraging all NSW mothers, fathers, parents, and children of grandparents to send a quick message our MPs in both houses of the NSW parliament urging them to reject any proposals to implement euthanasia.

As Australians we are committed to preventing suicide but promote euthanasia which is just ‘legalised’ killing.

If you live in NSW, please send a quick message to your MPs.

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Click here to listen to the interview.

Click here to send a quick message to the Prime Minister & Education Minister calling on them to fix the flawed draft national curriculum.