FamilyVoice Australia has delivered a stinging rebuke to major parties who “refuse” to reveal their policies ahead of the West Australian State election, especially on abortion.

“Despite persistent attempts to obtain answers to our questions on family policy and the rights of the unborn, major parties are staying silent,” said FamilyVoice WA acting State Director Darryl Budge.

“To refuse to answer is totally unacceptable in a modern democracy,” he said.

Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia runs a survey before each State election and has urged candidates to answer ten questions on family and social policy, including abortion.

“In recent years we have seen candidates gagged, and heard only silence from the major parties on matters of crucial concern,” Mr Budge said.

“We are especially upset on behalf of all voters that parties will not comment on the question of abortion.”

“As the recent withdrawal of the Pyne Abortion Bill in Queensland shows, policy makers should not ignore voters who are concerned about the welfare of mothers and babies.”

The only party to respond was the Australian Christians, including nine female candidates, who collectively responded ‘Yes, definitely’ to restoring laws to protect unborn children from abortion.

“On International Women’s Day, news that at least eleven female candidates oppose abortion should debunk the myth that views on abortion are divided by gender,” said Mr Budge. 

FamilyVoice’s survey asked other questions on prayer, protection for the mentally suicidal and unborn, outdoor advertising, drugs, prostitution, ‘Safe Schools’ and marriage. Full results can be found at


Candidates who indicated support for the rights of the unborn include Nick Goiran and (probably) Joe Francis (Liberals), Kate Doust and Teresa Ritchie (ALP), Philip Scot and Terry Popham (One Nation), Callum Burwood (Greens), and David Caudwell (Shooters and Fishers). All Australian Christians candidates also support the rights of the unborn.

Candidates who answered to indicate their support of abortion include Mule Nasteski (Micro Business Party) and independent Craig Buchanan. Animal Justice Party candidate Katrina Love replied as ‘unsure’.

Advocacy organisation FamilyVoice Australia is calling on the Australian government to provide positive compassionate solutions for women both in Australia and abroad who may feel they have no choice but to access abortion.

“Delivering an extra $9.5 million of Australia’s overseas aid to abortion provider Planned Parenthood is not the right solution to the problem,” said FamilyVoice National Director Ashley Saunders. 

“This decision made by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop yesterday is ill-informed.

“Australia should not partner with SPRINT co-founder Planned Parenthood, which has profiteered from selling baby parts in the USA. Australia should instead fund birthing facilities and obstetrics through more trustworthy organisations.

“Many mothers actually want to keep their babies but lack the support they need. We should be helping women in developing countries with access to proper birthing facilities, information and support, not abortion.

“These same things should be made available to women in Australia.”

One positive compassionate action would be to introduce baby drop-off boxes around Australia, at key public buildings. 

In February 2016, NSW Deputy State Coroner Hugh Dillon recommended introducing baby drop-off boxes following the tragic death of a newborn baby whose remains were discovered at a Sydney beach. Baby safe boxes have been used with great success in other countries including South Korea, the Czech Republic, Germany, Canada and Japan. 

FamilyVoice also calls upon the government to introduce “safe haven” laws which protect mothers who abandon newborns from facing prosecution.

“Mothers shouldn’t face prosecution if they feel they have no choice but to abandon their newborns. Our government policies need to provide mothers with what they actually need - love, compassion and support; not termination.”

Pro-life organisation FamilyVoice Australia has welcomed the action of President Trump to cancel the international funding of abortion by American taxpayers.

FamilyVoice is calling for Australia to follow President Trump on this issue.

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would do well to pay attention to the growing conservative agenda and remove AusAID funding of overseas abortions,” said FamilyVoice National Director, Ashley Saunders.

“Funding spent on abortion is money that is not available for poverty alleviation.

“Killing babies in Third World nations does nothing to address the causes of hardship in poor countries.

“It’s time Australia ceased funding overseas abortion,” he said.

Children should be protected from chemical or surgical sex ‘change’ intervention in the same way that the law bans female genital mutilation, says FamilyVoice national director Ashley Saunders.

“Minors are not permitted to buy alcohol or cigarettes and yet they’re allowed to be chemically and surgically mutilated.

“Children are too young to make life-changing decisions which are likely to bring more confusion and harm,” he said.

“Studies have shown that sex ‘change’ intervention creates greater psychological harm.  Johns Hopkins University and Medical School scrapped its sex “change” program for this very reason.

“There has already been a large increase in children being treated for gender confusion over the last decade.  Making it easier to subject children to sex ‘change’ intervention will only cause more harm.

“Rather than encourage children to entertain confused thoughts and mask their problems with radical interventions, we should be helping them by treating the underlying cause.”

“State governments should work together with the federal attorney-general to protect children by banning sex change interventions in the same way that we ban female genital mutilation.”

Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia is reviewing the security of its operations following the incident at the Australian Christian Lobby HQ.

“Pro-family groups get a steady stream of abusive communications, but this apparent terror attack is unprecedented,” said FamilyVoice Australia National Director Ashley Saunders.

“We are witnessing increased hostilities towards Christianity and pro-family values,” he said.

“Opponents of traditional family values and the Christian faith are entitled to express their view but should never resort to violence,” he added.

“FamilyVoice stands with many Australians praying for ACL staff and for our nation.”