Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia says Dr Brendan Murphy’s view on defining gender is “woeful in the extreme”.

FamilyVoice gender spokesman David d’Lima has rejected the response by Dr Brendan Murphy on the definition of gender.

“It’s profoundly disappointing that government officials are following politically correct principles that have no basis in reality,” David d’Lima said.

“The response to a question about defining gender is woeful in the extreme.

“Contrary to the official response, gender is not assigned at birth, nor does it reside in the mind of the individual, but it’s clearly evident from the moment of conception.

“It is not so difficult to recognise reality.

FamilyVoice Australia says they are completely sympathetic to anyone who may be confused about their gender, but blames the media and the education system for preying upon vulnerable people.

According to FamilyVoice Australia, young people who may experience gender confusion during adolescence tend to outgrow their confusion when they reach adulthood.

“But officials who affirm gender fluidity only add to the damaging influence of the  media and the education system, to provoke a growing number of upset and confused young people,” he said.


Parliament should censure Greens MP Adam Bandt for disrespecting the Australian flag, according to advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia.

The Australian National Flag should be displayed only in a manner befitting the national emblem: it should not be subjected to indignity, nor displayed in a position inferior to any other flag or ensign. It should always be flown aloft and free.

"As a member of Parliament Bandt should be setting an example not carrying on in such a childish manner", said FamilyVoice spoeksman David d'Lima.

"Parliament should set an example and censure Bandt for this extremely poor behaviour.

"Under the Australian Flag Protocols the flag should not be flown in a position inferior to that of any other flag or ensign.

"It's appalling that Bandt has had the flag hived off to the corner like it's some piece of junk."


It may feel during the LGBTXYZ Pride month of June that you can’t escape the woke agenda.  And that we are losing the battle.  That all hope is lost.  But is it?

Here are some reasons for hope.

A recent FamilyVoice Facebook post highlighting that the state of Louisiana in the US has banned transgender athletes from women’s sports has had a phenomenal reach of close to 7 million with over 350,000 likes.

What does this tell us?  Despite what the Left-wing media says, there are lots of people out there that do not buy into the lie that a man can become a woman. Put another way, there are lots of people out there who think just like you and I. 

In the US, 18 states have implemented transgender sport ban legislation.

Also, in the US woke companies like Netflix and Disney which promote LGBTXYZ ideology have had their share prices hammered. People watch tv shows and movies to be entertained, not to be subjected to Left-wing propaganda. 

Florida governor Ron DeSantis passed a statute that eliminated a law that has for decades allowed entertainment giant Disney to act as a local government in Orlando – where it has its theme park – after  the company opposed anti-grooming legislation designed to protect children.

While in the UK, Attorney-General for England and Wales Suella Braverman has said that teachers should not pander to trans pupils.

So what about Australia?  Is there reason for hope here, too?

During the election campaign, the media tried its best to get Katherine Deves disendorsed as the Liberal candidate for Tony Abbott’s old seat of Warringah for daring to dissent from trans ideology.  

They failed.  

Many are awake to the agenda of the media.

They do not wield the power they think they do on the issue of a fair go for women in sports.  As respected journalist Chris Ulhmann pointed out

In the suburbs and the regions, the vast majority are in her [Deves'] camp. As one Labor strategist said, “this is not a 60/40 split, it’s 90/10 in Deves’ favour”. 

Katherine Deves

In Australia, we need to keep pushing back against the Left’s radical sexual agenda. Two very important ways we can do this in the short term are by continuing to push for:

  • Senator Claire Chandler’s Save Women’s Sport Bill to be passed by Parliament; and  
  • A Parliamentary inquiry into the treatment of gender confused children

We will continue to fight for these to become a reality.  But we cannot do it without your support.

We need your help to push back against this extreme agenda which wants to radically reshape our society.
For family, faith and freedom,

Peter Downie
National Director

RainbowFlag800 tint 002

Making puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones easier for children to access has increased youth suicide rates, a new report from the Heritage Foundation has found. 

The study contradicts the claims of Rainbow activists that gender-confused children need radical medical intervention in the form of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to prevent suicide.

The study found that “easing access to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones by minors without parental consent increases suicide rates.”

“Confused young people need support, encouragement and counselling – not radical and harmful chemical intervention”, said FamilyVoice spokesman Greg Bondar.

“We need an urgent inquiry into the treatment of gender-confused children in Australia."