Margaret Court and Darryl

FamilyVoice Australia has today given tennis champ Margaret Court an open letter signed by thousands in support of her courageous defence of marriage and family.

“Many of our people are standing firmly with Margaret Court as she continues to champion the true meaning of marriage, despite constant criticism,” said FamilyVoice spokesman Darryl Budge after he presented the message of support.

“At FamilyVoice we pay tribute to Margaret Court’s achievements and pray she will continue to return each volley of abuse with wisdom, tact and grace.”

Well-known as the greatest-ever Grand Slam tennis player, Margaret Court’s remarkable sporting achievements are almost forgotten by her opponents in the cultural tournament of ideas. At stake is the meaning of marriage.

Unafraid of controversy, Margaret believes male-female marriage should be advantaged for its social benefit, particularly for children. But her views attracted severe criticism ahead of the recent Australian Open.

Several of her former tennis colleagues took the opportunity to reject Margaret’s Christian-based views on marriage.

Receiving the FamilyVoice message of support, Margaret Court expressed heartfelt appreciation to everyone who supports her efforts.

“Even as I go out and around the shopping centres, people say ‘thank you for being a voice for me,’” she said.

Commending FamilyVoice publications, Margaret Court said more dialogue in the community is needed on marriage and family especially as society struggles with problems such as domestic violence.

Margaret Court also urged the raising of Christian voices within mainstream culture.

“There is a silent majority out there that has to become the voice for righteousness and truth,” she said.

“We have to go back to our biblical foundations.”

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Canadian Robert John Wenman, who has resumed life as a biological male, has urged MPs to reject a ban on therapies designed to help people struggling with gender identity issues.

“I am a man who lived as a woman from 1994 until 2012, and refute the implication that all LGBTQ people are becoming emotionally scarred after undergoing conversion therapy,” said Wenman in a video posted to YouTube.

“I speak from personal life experience countering the assumption that all LGBTQ person's emotional problems stem from a hateful intolerant society. This is simply not the case as I voluntarily went to a fundamental Bible believing Church which I believe saved my life.”

Wenman says LGBTQ people who struggle with mental health issues will be prevented from getting the help they need, if the legislation banning therapy is enacted.

“Earlier in my life I came to believe that pursuing a change of gender would be the fix-all solution for my lifelong deep-rooted emotional problems and inferiority complexes in 1997.

“I had successful sex reassignment surgery and was legally recognised as a woman. I anticipated a new life happily-ever-after, right after the surgery.

“I perceived that I had truly completed my gender change journey and believed that I had closed a chapter my life and resolved all my past emotional issues.”

However, Wenman says his post gender reassignment euphoria collapsed as inescapable emotional episodes returned with increasing intensity.

“I was now in deep depression and searching for help as my complete gender transition had left me emotionally paralysed in a prison of fear with shame and guilt.”

Wenman says professional counseling did not alleviate his severe emotional anxiety and sex reassignment surgery only made his emotional problems worse.

“I remember going to my family doctor and bursting into tears, coming to realize my gender transition was a failure. I was given anti-depressant medication and recommended for counseling. Unfortunately, mental health counseling was of no help; in fact I found myself educating the counselors.

“I was in a very dark place,” Wenman says, as his “emotional turmoil was the byproduct of being in spiritual warfare despite sex reassignment surgery and having attained full legal recognition as a woman.”

He says he learned the hard way the consequences of not living in truth and that there was spiritual warfare against his un-realised spiritual identity that had ripple effects affecting family, friends and acquaintances.  

“I became convicted that I must live in truth and therefore changed all my identity back to my given male birth name.  I have learned to be thankful for who I am and what I have, including my birth sex and for God's many blessings.”

Wenman said that he is very concerned about the increasing numbers of young people intending to “change gender” and finished his video by calling on senators to vote against the legislation:

“I sincerely hope that the sharing of my own personal experiences will help you to make the very best decisions for Canadians struggling with gender confusion,” he said.


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Petition calls for parents to boycott the controversial movie ahead of release 

Earlier this week, Disney Pixar announced the debut of its first openly gay character — a lesbian police officer voiced by Master of Noneactress-writer Lena Waithe.

Onward,set to be released in theatres March 6 has attracted backlash from pro-family advocates who are calling on parents to boycott the film.

The animated fantasy depicts Avengers: Endgamestars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as modern-day elf brothers who set out on a mission to resurrect their dad.

At one point in the film, the female-presenting character tells her partner “My girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out,” Slate reports

US-based alternative news site LifeSiteNews has slammed the movie with a petition attracting over 13,000 signatures at the time of this writing.

“It's a relentless onslaught against our children's innocence,” said Gualberto Garcia Jones, LifeSiteNews’ Director of Advocacy. “And, we parents have got to be just as relentless in rejecting Disney's attempt to sexualize our children.”

“By forcing the LGBT agenda on us, you are seriously disrespecting our values,” the petition says. 

“The days are now over where we would give you our hard-earned dollars just so you can turn around and offend us and our children's innocence.”


An Australian pro-lifer who was fined $5K and convicted for speaking about abortion in a censorship zone has spoken out publicly.

Kathy Clubb was arrested in October 2016 by Victoria Police near an abortion centre in East Melbourne.

Recalling the events in a recent piece for LifeSite News, Clubb wrote that:

“After some time, I approached a couple who were about to enter the abortion mill and offered to help them.  The encounter took no more than five seconds and ended with them declining my help.

“This five-second encounter was to earn me a $5,000 fine, a good behavior bond, and a criminal record.”

Clubb pointed out that several courts had noted the couple were not visibly distressed by her actions, and there was no shouting or abuse.

She was convicted in the Magistrates Court in 2017.

“But not before the magistrate subjected me to highly offensive questioning at the sentencing. ‘How many fathers do your children have?’ and ‘Why are you homeschooling?’ were among the many irrelevant questions asked by this magistrate,” wrote Clubb.

In April 2019, an appeal to the High Court on the basis that the censorship laws infringe the implied right to political communication was unanimously rejected.

Clubb’s most recent appeal to the Victorian Supreme Court on the basis that there was no evidence that she communicated about abortion in the censorship zone also failed last week.

“It is so strange to think of trying to save lives as being a criminal activity while killing babies is the legal one. I was placed on a good behavior bond and given a stern admonition that had I not had a family, I would have been sent to prison,” wrote Clubb.

“In our ‘enlightened’ Australian culture, killing babies is a protected activity, offering help is against the law, and thoughtcrime has become a legal reality,” she concluded.

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In a remarkable incursion by South Australian Police into a matter of public policy, a senior officer has recommended legalising euthanasia.

The proposal issued by Assistant Commissioner Scott Duval provoked a sharp rebuttal from FamilyVoice Australia State Director David d’Lima.

“We sympathise enormously with police who must investigate instances of attempted or completed suicide, but it beggars belief that senior officers would therefore recommend legalising euthanasia.”

David d’Lima said the laws of Parliament should promote the common good and not deal with limited instances.

“While the reported claim of about twenty suicides of terminally ill people each year is twenty too many, it does not warrant any change in legislation.”

He also warned that the proposal, if heeded by Parliament, could make matters worse.

“Since general suicide rates tend to increase in the jurisdictions that have legalised euthanasia, the ordinary copper can expect to attend more suicides if MPs heed this most unwise recommendation of the brass.”