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Despite the efforts of Mums and Dads the QLD State Government prefers to ‘end’ rather than ‘save’ lives by promoting ‘death’ as the new normal. 

“The QLD VAD bill is nothing short of legalised Assisted Suicide creating a real ‘COVID Paradox’ since we have ‘No’ right to live with our own risks if we prefer not be jabbed but free to choose our death under Queensland VAD legislation, “ said FamilyVoice spokesman Greg Bondar.

Why do parliaments support life-saving organisations which work to prevent suicide but now promote assisted suicide ‘at will’ under the new QLD VAD bill?

Voluntary Assisted Dying (and Euthanasia) is NOT Healthcare, is NOT Palliative Care, and is NOT Reversable and based on overseas experience deaths will skyrocket under the QLD VAD bill which is clearly ‘State-Sanctioned Suicide’ making a mockery of ‘suicide prevention’ and our ‘COVID-19 Saving Lives’ campaigns by the government, peak lifesaving organisations, families, Aged-Care centres, hospitals, doctors, and the general medical profession.

“Proponents of the NSW VAD bill are nothing more than ‘political pharisees’ if they support saving lives under COVID-19, domestic violence, youth suicide but not under the now QLD VAD bill” added Greg Bondar.

A sad day for Queensland, Australia, and all those Mums and Dads who just want to give ‘life’ a chance.


FamilyVoice Australia welcomes Marriage Week 2021 (12-18 September) - Australia’s annual celebration of the importance of reinforcing and promoting the benefits and importance of natural marriage.

The purpose of promoting ‘Natural Marriage’ between a binary husband and wife is to celebrate the importance of marriage in growing families which play a vital role in Australian society.

Same-Sex 'marriages' do not allow for natural births.

“The natural family is the foundation of western civilisation which is constituted by marriage and is composed of persons related to one another by marriage, blood or adoption,” said Greg Bondar, national spokesman for FamilyVoice Australia.

Natural marriage should be encouraged, strengthened, valued, and supported by society and individuals in every possible way as a social good by highlighting the important role that traditional families play as the central building block for community wellbeing

The natural family is under assault these days. Watch a primetime television program and see if you can find a program portraying a "natural" family with a husband and a wife.

During National Marriage Week, the natural family as the fundamental institution of human society, is a great time to reflect on and take action to further strengthen our marriage for future generations.

Further Details:
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Yesterday Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk introduced the euthanasia bill into QLD Parliament.

The Bill is so extreme it even denies conscientious objection for faith-based hospitals, as The Australian reported:

Faith-based hospitals will not be able to deny entry to outside ­doctors to help terminally ill ­patients die after the Queensland government rejected pleas by the churches for institutional protection from the widest voluntary assisted dying law to go before an Australian parliament.

The legislation leaves the private, church-backed institutions that provide more than a quarter of all hospital beds in Queensland powerless to intervene if a patient who qualifies for VAD and is too ill to be moved elsewhere insists on being assessed and potentially dosed with death-dealing drugs on the premises.

This is a blatant attack on religious freedom.

The Bill has many other flaws but the reality is that euthanasia and assisted suicide can never be made “safe”.

The Bill is currently being debated and is expected to reach a final vote on Thursday.

It’s important that we send a strong message to MPs against this death agenda.

If you live in QLD, send a quick message to your MP now.


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